Even though Sun Detective had faced many challenges in its career during the past, the notable challenge which it had faced had come recently from Chennai city Police.

On 9.10.2009, a person named Tr.Krishnakumar, had contacted and informed that he wanted to meet our Director Tr.R.Varadaraj. Since our Director is also an advocate he had informed that he wanted to get an anticipatory bail for his friend who had involved in a double murder at Chennai. When he had discussed about the details of that murder case in which his friend was involved, our Director had got shocked because the Chennai City Police had already arrested three persons and claimed that they are the real murderers and that they had recovered the stolen property from them.

So our Director had asked the person to come and meet him. Then the person had met the Director and narrated all the events as to how his friend along with the other person had executed the murder. He had also admitted that it was he who had taken them to the house where the murder had occurred without knowing the fact they both were going to murder a lady and her 10 years old son. He was also giving the details as to where the looted jewels were pledged.

Our Director had video recorded all his statements, without his knowledge through a spy camera.  We had also recovered a screw driver from his two wheeler, which the person had alleged to have been used for stabbing the victims.

Our Director had discussed this Video confession with some of the important circles and all of them had expressed the view that it must be handed over to the  Police.  Our Director was also an Ex-Police official, having served in TamilNadu Police for 25years and hence he was of the view that the innocent should not be punished. Hence with full sincerity he had met the Deputy Commissioner of Police T.Nagar, and handed over the Confession CD and Screw driver to him.

Next day the Police had taken into  custody both the  two persons, the one who had confessed in the CD and the  other, who the confession man had alleged  that he was involved  in the murder. Under duress police had got confession from both of them stating that they were working in our company and that our Director had given them Rs.200/- each to investigate about the murder and that only for the sake of getting that Rs.200/-  they had made some imaginary stories about the murder.

After getting confession from both of them , the police had started bargaining with our Director that he should give it in writing that the confession taken by him in the form of CD through spy camera is not true at all or otherwise the Police would implicate him in the murder case

Immediately two days before the local festival Deewali, our director had left Chennai and proceeded to some unknown destination and the police men had started chasing him. The Chennai city commissioner of police had announced in all news papers and television channels that the police had been searching our Director in a murder case and that he was absconding thereby spoiling his reputation in the minds of the general public.

On the eve of Deewali, ie..the previous day during midnight at 12.00am police had entered in to our director’s house and started torturing his family members. They have not even spared the two senior citizens, the parents of our Director who are more than 80 years old and woke them up at 12 o’clock and threatened them. On the day of Deepavali, they have placed policemen infront of our Director’s house and throughout the entire street. Policemen have entered in each and every one of the house in the street, and informed all the inmates that our Director had involved in a murder case and that they should inform as soon as he comes thereby tarnishing his image in his residential area. During the night, when the children started using crackers in view of Deepavali festival Policemen had obstructed them saying that they should not celebrate the festival.

Then the police had come to our office, which was locked and threatened the house owner to open the lock or else they would put bomb to the house. They also threatened the house owner to vacate the office of Sun Detective, or otherwise they would put the house owner behind the bars by implicating them in a criminal case.

After Deewali the anticipatory bail petition for our director came up for hearing at Madras High court. The Hon’ble Justice had raised several questions for which police could not be able to answer. When Justice had asked under what section the Police was going to arrest Tr.Varadaraj, the police had replied that they wanted to arrest him under section 302IPC.

Immediately the Hon’ble Justice had asked, Do you want to arrest a person who had given an important information about a murder in 302IPC. Ie.. Murder case? Are you expecting me to concur with your view for such inhuman acts?

After this, the Hon’ble Justice, after going through the entire police records and the CD given by our director, had delivered the judgment granting anticipatory bail to our director and directing the government to appoint an officer at the Higher level to investigate the issue about the confession in the CD given by our Director. The judge also observed that even though he feels that this is a fit case to be referred to the CBI, by having faith in the State Government the court recommends for the appointment of a Special Officer to probe the contents contained in the CD given by our Director

Immediately after the judgement, the office of Sun Detective was opened and our Director starts resuming his duty on 12th November, after 28 days of ordeal. But when he returned home he was shocked to see her mother , as his 80 years old mother got facial paralysis unable to bear the shock treatment given by the policemen during the midnight at 12 clock on the day of deewali.

The matter had been raised in Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly by the opposition parties but so far it was not answered by the ruling party.

The Chennai city police made an appeal to the Supreme court of India, challenging the order of the Madras High court. The Supreme Court made one step further and had granted stay stating that further proceedings in the Trial court should be stopped. The Apex court also confirmed the Anticipatory Bail granted to our Director.

Now a very big question has been raised in the police circle after this incident. Can a murder case be investigated by a private agency? The Hon’ble Justice of Madras High court, while enquiring our Director’s Anticipatory Bail has observed.

In America, two Law college students have enquired a murder case, successfully, nabbed the criminal and handed him over the police. The entire aim of the criminal Justice system is to punish the culprit and if the police fail to do it any responsible citizen can do it in the interest of establishing justice.

The act of human rights violations against our Director’s parents who are more than eighty years that too during the midnight on the eve of the famous festival Deewali, have raised so many questions against the function of police in a democratic country like India. The news daily Deccan Chronicle have reported.

“if this could happen to an ex=policeman’s family, then one could imagine what happens to ordinary citizens, whose lives are trespassed by the law enforcers”

But our Director is of the view that if he, being an ex-police official and a present advocate of Madras High court, hesitates to establish the justice, then who will come forward to uphold the justice?

Instead of arresting the real culprits, Police had filed charge sheet against our Director stating that he has misled the investigation. But the trial Court had acquitted him stating that Police version has not been proved.

Now our Director had come out of all the cases foisted by the Police against him. But he has spent Rupees 8 lakhs to protect him. Both his parents, subsequently had passed away.

This is the cost one has to bear for doing a good act in India. That is the Indian democracy.