Private Investigation

Tenant Screening

When you rent your prized possession would not you really want to know who is coming in? What has been the experience of the last landlords with your new tenant? What do their former neighbors think? ‘Sun' would provide answers to all these questions.

Surveillance and Shadowing :

Major part of enquiries, which we undertake is related to intelligence and information gathering. One of the best ways to establish what an individual is doing is by placing them under surveillance and observing their movements daily. We observe the movements of individuals and gather both video and photographic evidence by using the latest techniques. Once we gather the required evidence we utilize undercover vehicles that are equipped with covert video and still cameras and this allows us to get closer to any given subject then normal situations would allow. Similarly, we have covert equipment that allows our operations to obtain evidence at close quarters, e.q. in Meetings and Restaurants etc.


On request from the residents ‘Sun' would arrange for ‘Private Night Patrolling' in areas where crimes are vulnerable. ‘Sun' would arrange such Patrolling by ‘entrusting the job to the local well-built youth. Also there is lack of security to persons who deposit or draw huge amount of cash and travel with huge amount of cash. ‘Sun', on request would arrange for private security to such persons to enable for the safety of such persons and cash.


Background check of Domestic Employees:

Various experiences had shown that, very often, persons after gaining ingress into a house as servants, drivers and watchmen had involved in criminal acts like theft, murder, kidnapping etc. ‘Sun' had helped various clients by verifying the antecedents of such persons and thereby eliminated many anti-social elements from gaining entry into the houses with criminal intent as domestic employees.

Spousal Surveillance:

Do you have suspicion on your domestic partner? Let us put our expertise on your side. ‘Sun' will check out and give a factual report about what is really happening.

Teen Surveillance:

Who is your teen hanging with? Is your teen taking drugs? Who is your teen talking on to the computer? Where is your teen driving to? ‘Sun' would provide answers to these questions.


"Sun" traces the missing and kidnapped:

We have a very high success rate in tracing missing and kidnapped persons for our clients. Often we are contacted by clients who have tried other agencies but have not had any successes. We can conduct such trace work both on the state and on national level with surprisingly effective results. Our network of investigators spread across the country enable us to conduct these investigation services in a relatively smaller period and budget than anybody else. To know our success story of Reuniting a lost daughter with her dumb father after 25 years, please refer our "Achivements" column.


Pre nuptial investigation

Generally, attractive and appealing bio-data of brides or bridegrooms are appeared through the matrimonial columns of newspapers. Such bio-datas are generally tailor-made to suit most of the prospective brides/grooms and their families. Prudent parents would not depend on such sugar-coated information and would definitely like to know the real picture about the boy/girl and his family. ‘Sun' takes out such requests and by checking and verifying the details we help the parents to take the right decision. Normally sun verifies the following information relating to the boy/girl.
  • Character verification of the boy/girl.
  • Verification of social reputation of the boy/girl.
  • Verification about their Family Background Information relating to his/her employment
  • Information relating to his/her business
  • Detailed background report of their activities through secret shadowing.
  • Education history
  • Criminal antecedents
  • Past Broken/Unbroken marriage
  • Children from these marriages, if any.

Infidelity Investigation (Extra Marital affairs):

When one feels that his/her partner or spouse is having an extra-marital relationship, it is imperative that he/she should verify that facts and obtain as much evidence as possible. In the long term this will provide them with peace of mind and will clear their doubts. At the same time, if they falsely accuse their partners it may result in the break down of their relationship.
In such cases we unearth the truth and expose the realities thus putting forth a much clearer picture enabling them to take the right decision. Once the case is assigned to us, we can guarantee that you can secure an exceptional level of service with a competitive rate.


Pre-Employment Screening

Employment screening for corporate and business houses has also been our area of specialization. Statistics show that 60% of ‘resumes' have been false in one way or another. These falsifications are, sometimes, harmless as the individuals might have fabricated the fact about their recreational hobbies. But there may be some serious burking of some crucial information, like omitting the previous employment facts of losing a job over an irregularity and adding qualifications that have never been obtained.
    We also offer a full package of Pre-employment screening services, which include the following:
  • Verification of credentials and references.
  • Character evaluation.
  • Address verification.
  • Verification of family background.
  • Education verification.
  • Verification about the criminal antecedents.
  • Verification about the social reputation of the person and his/her family.
  • Verification about his Affiliation with Trade union, Political and Caste Organisation.
  • Any other information, which the employer seeks to obtain.

On employment Investigation – Under coverage:

Pilferage and theft are epidemic in industries, godowns and business houses. We plant our men of confidence in strategic positions of a targeted establishment to keep a vigilant eye on the murky happenings and give a factual report to the management to take remedial action.

Also there are traitors in various establishments who may leak vital business information about the company to the rival business organizations and there are also trouble managers among the employees who may incite violence and encourage industrial unrest and strikes. Our experienced field operators may mingle with the employees and successfully identify such traitors and trouble mangers to help the management to eliminate such evil elements from the company and take corrective steps.


Trade Mark Copyright Infringement And Duplication Of Products

Sun will help you to initiate Legal steps for any Infringement of your Trade mark and Copy right. Many products are Duplicated in Market now a days and many Fake producta are Produced locally.Our Investigators will conduct a surreptitious Investigation and find out the real culprits of such Duplication of products.


Insider Theft Investigation:

Not all the Thefts can be solved by the Policemen. In fact Policemen must be left free to investigate and detect cases where professional criminals are involved, In cases where one of the inmates or servants may have a role, the owners of the premises may like to solve the case secretly without informing to the Policemen. In such cases, ‘Sun' will render a helping hard to solve such cases and detect the culprits, as most of the members of our organizations were Ex-Police officials having the expertise and experience in solving many criminal cases. Our experts who have worked in the Finger Print Bureau prior to their retirement would develop the chance prints from the suspected articles and fix the culprits scientifically.

Unsolved Crime Investigation

Many notorious crimes including the murders are kept unsolved even after several years due to want of time and involvement of policemen in multifarious activities. “Sun' by utilizing the services of retired Police Officers who are well versed in Criminal investigation might reopen the case after observing legal formalities and might take sincere efforts to detect such unsolved cases on request from the victims or the heirs of the victims.


Finger Print and Hand Writing Analysis:

‘Sun' with the help of retired Government Finger Print and Hand Writing experts would handle all the cases, which involve Finger Print and Handwriting analysis. Many civil cases are being delayed enormously due the want of opinion by Finger Print and Handwriting Experts Since the strength of such Experts are meagre in the Government departments and the pendency of cases are more, such delay could not be avoided and as the result the litigants have been waiting for years together for want of expeditious disposal of cases. “Sun” has already offered its services to all the courts that it could dispose any case where the Expert Opinion is expedient with in a record period of one week by utilizing the services of its panel of retired Finger Print and Handwriting experts.


Are you Receiving Obscene or threatening e-mails,mobile calls and sms.Do you want to know whether your mobile phone or telephone are being tracked? Do you want to debug the spy Camera or Microphone in your premises? 'sun' will render a helping hand to solve all these cyber related issues.


For Banks there may be several outstanding debts and in some cases, the defaulters might have been absconding and the Banks may keep their fingers crossed after failing in their efforts of tracing such absconding defaulters ‘Sun' with their strong network of investigators, would offer to such Banks its highly effective investigative services and co-ordinate with them to carry out detailed searches to trace such a absconding defaulters.
    Sun also offers to the banks the following other services .
  • The defaulters asset verification, in order to facilitate the creditors Bank to effect legal attachment over such properties.
  • Their Business information.


A recent survey has shown that more than 50% of insurance claims are bogus. There are several claims that are based on bogus accidents and bogus thefts, all carried out with the connivance of law enforcing agencies. There are also some claims, which are based on production of bogus First Information Reports. ‘Sun' would extend a helping hand to all the Insurance Companies to examine, verify and investigate, through its experienced investigators, who were the former members of the Police force, the veracity of all the insurance claims and also to expose various other insurance frauds.


‘Sun' would also undertake a specialized Investigation to the Non-Resident Indians, who are abroad, unraveling the true scenario in India . Many NRIs may like to purchase new properties or sell their properties in India and they may not be fully aware of the real encumbrances of the land and the fraudulent activities of the purchaser, seller or power agent. ‘Sun' after conducting a detailed investigation over the property and the persons who are involved in the transaction and through its panel of legal experts would effect a risk free transaction for the exchange of property. In the case of marriages of Non-Resident Indians ‘Sun' would submit a factual report about their fiancee through a detailed background check.

Litigation Support

‘Sun' through its panel of practicing advocates, legal experts and former and current personnel of major law enforcement agencies, who have a strong background in major investigations, case presentations and actual trial testimony, would help its clients for all types of litigation support, right from the registration of Properties to civil criminal as well as negotiable Instrument cases. But ‘Sun' has an avowed and determined policy of not to extend such litigation support, at any cost, to the professional offenders.


Sun' is now getting geared up to provide to the Law Enforcement Professionals and other actual users the following the most modern State of the art Technology Equipments.
  • Finger Prints Supplies. (Latest Equipments)
  • Latent Print Supplies (Powders and kit boxes)
  • Evidence Collection
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Latest Recording Equipments
  • Cell phone suppressors
  • Visible and invisible detection
  • Burglary Alarms
  • Installation of Spy and Security Cameras

Training Services

‘Sun' provides specialized training in the following subjects through the Experts in the competent field.
  • FTraining on Detective Services.
  • Introduction to the Science of Fingers Prints .
  • Fundamentals of Latent Print Examination .
  • Fundamentals of Hand Writing Examination .
  • Court room Testimony Techniques .
  • Latent Print Experts Witness Testimony Techniques.
  • A Training Course would be conducted (both physical training and Written examination) to the persons who appear for the selection of Grade II Police Constable conducted by Tamil Nadu Uniformed Services Recruitment Board (TNUSRB), C hennai.
    Specialized Training would also be extended to the Sub-Inspectors of Police(Finger Print)) who appear for the All India Board of Examination for Finger Print Expert Conducted by Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi.
    Guest Lecture : On your invitation. The Director of ‘Sun' Thiru R. Vardaraj M.A., M.L., M.B.A., will deliver guest lecture on the subject of Detective Investigation', Crime Investigation and detection Finger Print Science and Investigation'. Such invitation should be given at least two weeks in advance.


Embezzlements, Fraudulent Cases Of Cheating And Black Mailing
The cases of blackmailing would become serious if the dependents of the victim inform the matter to the police. In such cases a secret investigation by a private agency would be ideal as otherwise the life of the back mailed person would be at stake.
Since “Sun” Directors and majority of employees are ex-police officials, they can handle such blackmailing cases elegantly and produce the safe settlement of such issues. ‘Sun' also has got the expertise in dealing the cases of Embezzlement and the fraudulent cases of cheating